Company name
Date of establishment
August 17, 2002
Business registration no
226-81-29312 (Corporation registration no: 141111-0020897)
Bae Geum Sooch
Antibacterial pharmaceuticals/ natural food preservative/ antibacterial container/ wasabi spray for self-defense / antibacterial natural household item / natural cosmetics / wasabi (wasabia) tea / wasabi (wasabia) rib / wasabi (wasabia) bacon
99, Yongjeong-gil, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do (324-1, Tong-dong)
249-1, Jangseong-dong, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do
Patent and certification
Promising Export Firm Designation No. 15 Gyeonggi -149
MAIN-BIZ No 130601-00191
ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14001:2004 , ISO22000
U.S. FDA Approval (Food Specialists)
• Patent registration (allyl isothiocyanate synthesis)
• Patent registration (manufacturing method of antibacterial wasabi container) / PCT application
• Patent registration (pork seasoning sauce containing wasabi and cooking method)
• Patent registration (beverage containing wasabi and manufacturing method)
• R&D division- no 2014150083
• Joint technological commercialization agreement (Gangneung Wonju National University)
• Venture company– no 2014101400
• Shamar / certificate of wasabi trademark, registration of service mark, design registration- no 40 – 1034741
• Wasabia / registration of antibacterial fragrance service mark, registration of design- no 40-1136131 / no 40-2016-0035037
• Japan design application - JP2015-014846-GD150001JP
  • vision1


    Peniel World believes that research ability and technology serve to be engines for growth of company. Taking advantage wasabi, one of indigenous plants in Korea which kills bacteria, fungi and insects and has various effects on health as a food source, Peniel World was established to conduct research on wasabi, accumulate technical skills and develop products with wasabi extracts. More studies are needed on effects of wasabi, method of cultivation, technology of extract and effects of extract for commercialization of wasabi, but there is a lack of research on them under poor research conditions.

    Peniel World believes that that research ability and technology serve to be engines for growth of company. Peniel World will conduct researches on cultivation of wasabi, technology of extract, its value as food, effects of extract (antimicrobial activities, antioxidant activities, anti-mutation activities, anti-cancer activities, anti-tumor activities, immune-enhancing activities, anti-thrombosis activities, blood pressure lowering activities and anti-cholesterol activities) and accumulate technical skills. For this purpose, Peniel World built the system for industry-university cooperation with food microbiology laboratory in marine biotechnology department of Gangneung National University and we are preparing additional research and technology investment plans.



    Peniel World cherishes data and information. Peniel World will collect and analyze all the information related to business (especially wasabi).
    Peniel World will categorize, process and store all
    the information in a systematic way and share with other people who need it.

  • vision3


    Peniel World operates global business. Peniel World extends its activities beyond domestic market.
    In the early stage of business, Peniel World limited itself to domestic market due to the limitations in human and material resources, but now it is expanding its business to global markets.



    Peniel World considers community as the base of its business. Peniel World has a plan to share profits with domestic wasabi farmers.
    In particular, Peniel World will work hard for the profits of farmers growing wasabia Koreana nakai which is difficult to grow but has significant commercial value.
    Peniel World has been established in the community.
    The growth of Peniel World can be considered as the development of community and at the same time profits from the growth of Peniel World should be shared with community.



    Peniel World believes the power of truth and honesty. Peniel World will manage its accounting records in a transparent way and open all the information to everyone involved.
    Peniel World will do its best to improve its accounting transparency and will be honest with consumers and all the people involved.
    Peniel World believes that all goes well with those who are honest.

  • 브니엘월드 테마공원 조감도

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  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2019 Gangwon Province Overseas Market Strategy Seminar: $3.2 million contract
  • 2019 World-OKTA, an export consultation meeting of Gangwon Province's best products: High One Grand Hotel, a $5.2 million contract.
  • Japanese market pioneer team participating in July
  • Participation in the 2019 Global Business Source Fair: Coex Hall A.
  • K-Food Fair participation in Tokyo, Japan
  • Participate in 2019 Gangwon Bio Expo and export consultation meeting
  • Participate in Taebaek Hwangji Pond's daughter-in-law festival
  • 2019 GTI International Trade and Investment Fair (raw stock) - Award winning prizes and $8 million in export contracts from five importers overseas
  • On November 1, 2019, Taebaek Jangseong Industrial Complex Factory Construction Ceremony (Attending Taebaek Mayor)
  • 2019 Invited anti-aging industry fair in Changwon: Nov. 29-Dec. 1 Exhibition
  • Gangwon Techno-Park's achievement award
  • 2019.11.1. Completion ceremony of new factory Haha Building
  • Export Conference for Inviting Leading Beauty Industry in 2019
  • 2019 Overseas Buyer Invitation Consultation
  • 2018
  • 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Gangwon Product exhibition – Household goods display
  • Kangwon Wonju University Industry-academy Cooperation Agreement on Technology Commercialization – Transfer of Pork Sauce Technology
  • Pork seasoning sauce containing wasabi and its manufacturing method patent. registration number - No. 10-1652639
  • Selected as a designated company of co-branded best products in Taebaek city
  • Selected as the first export supporting business of domestic companies
  • Participated in the 2018 MD Product Fair(the Small businesses of the converged agriculture with manufacturing and commerce in Kangwon province.)
  • Hosted the export counseling for overseas buyers by inviting leading buyers from Kangwon Province in 2018
  • Participated in training on export enhancement to advance into Chinese market and Export consultation
  • 2018 Korea Brand-name Specialities Festival(displayed in a booth in Taebaek City Hall)
  • Multi-8-A Dream, Promote marketing of an excellent firm in mining region in 2018
  • ⦗The small businesses distribution center⦘Selected as a supporting business in strengthening of marketing capabilities in 2018
  • Selected as a customized enterprise supporting business of a⦗Kangneung-Wonju National University LINK+ business group⦘
  • Main business in Kangwon province area in 2018 - Selected as a prototype production supporting program for the wellness food industry
  • ⦗LINC+⦘Selected as a participating company in Industry-Academic joint
  • “2018 INNOBIZ” Innovation-type SMB certification
  • 2018 Selection of projects to support overseas intellectual property applications
  • 2018 Selection of support projects for obtaining certification of overseas standards
  • • International patent application (directly from individual countries) "Method of manufacture of antibacterial containers"- USA: No. 16/070,781, Japan: 2018-538729, China: 201680079657.9-
  • Certification “2018 Prospective small and medium-sized companies” in Gangwon Province
  • Participation in the 2018 GTI International Trade & Investment Exhibition and Selection of Outstanding Products - Gold Award
  • Signed MOU for export of OKTA Investment Limited in Guangzhou, China
  • Conference on Export of Businessmen in Sydney, Australia
  • Trade consultation meeting invited by the Korean economic delegation to the United States-Gangneung City
  • "2018 Globally Exchange and Cooperation Business Festival Exchange Conference" concluded with an export consultation meeting and MOU
  • "2018 7th Gangwon Food Fair" Product Exhibition and Export Consultation
  • Admission to Gangwon Mart - Internet shopping mall for excellent products in Gangwon Province
  • Introduction of Channel A "Hyunwook's Good Morning" TV program
  • 2017
  • 2016 Female Venture Company Outstanding Product / Innovation Casebook (Excellent Product Selection)
  • Sponsored Far East Broadcasting “Garden of love”
  • C Production sponsored by the
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval: WASABIA SHAMAR Plus Toothpaste
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval: WASABIA Antibacterial Ball
  • sell Alpensia Resort duty free shop
  • Sale of Alpensia resort products
  • Taebaeksi Wellness Anti-aging business private council chairperson
  • Participation in the purchase meeting of women company public corporation in Gangwon area
  • 2016
  • Test report of Wasabia antimicrobial ball issued/ drinking water quality testing procedure standards
  • Patent application for antimicrobial container manufacture – application serial no 10-2016-0007763
  • Selected as a company to be supported by 2016 (Korea-China FTA) Small and Medium Enterprise international certification (certificate of product-specific approved exporter +ISO) supporting business
  • Selected as a company that will receive support from 2016 Small and Medium Enterprise Product Environmental impact improvement business
  • Selected as enterprise to reinforce export capacity in 2016
  • 40-2016-0035037 – trademark application filed for class 3 antimicrobial and scented dehumidifier
  • 40-2016-0035040 – trademark application filed for class 30 antimicrobial and scented almond paste
  • 410-2016-0021920 antimicrobial and scented service mark registered for class 43 restaurant
  • 30-2016-0022736 antimicrobial and scented design application filed
  • Confirmed as 2016 MAIN-BIZ
  • Renewed 2016 venture company certification
  • Obtained ISO 14001 certification for Environmental management system (2016)
  • Obtained ISO9001 certification for quality management system (2016)
  • Signed MOU with BBS
  • Renewed MAIN-BIZ certification
  • Selected as a domestic demand-oriented company supported to be export company (2016)
  • Wasabia launched in Coupang
  • Selected as support enterprise of overseas certification support business (2016)
  • 2016 ASEAN DAY (automatic booth at export consultation meeting)
  • Obtained ISO22000 certification for food safety management system
  • Sponsored C-channel broadcasting
  • Patent application for the method for manufacturing antibacterial container has been filed under PCT
  • Acquired ISO22000 certification of a food safety management for the development and sales of wasabi tea
  • Wasabia Tea passed FDA Food Specialist Test
  • Displayed in automated booth at 2016 ASEAN DAY
  • Selected as 2016 small enterprise export consulting
  • Made an agreement on investment for Peniel World with Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do
  • Selected as 2016 Global 100 Products Exhibition
  • Ministry of Environment – Agreement on safety management of products of risk concerns
  • Signed an industry-academic collaboration contract with Dongguk University
  • Signed a 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic business agreement with Dongsamo
  • Patent No. 10-1642038 Method for manufacturing antibacterial container
  • Acquired Certification of 2016 ISO22000 Food Safety Management System
  • Patent No. 10-1652638 – beverage containing wasabi and its manufacturing method
  • Registered antimicrobial fragrance design – No. 30-0874609
  • Registered antimicrobial fragrance trademark – No. 40-1220550
  • Registered antimicrobial fragrance service mark – No. 41-0382052
  • Registered antimicrobial fragrance trademark – No. 40-1224176
  • Signed a MOU with Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do in 2016 – No.1 company of anti-aging industry
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and Small and Medium Business Administration – certification of agriculture-industry-commerce convergence company
  • Received a grand prize at 2016 Korea First, World Best Awards – received prizes in natural household item category for two consecutive years
  • Won a grand prize at 2016 10th Best Patent in Korea – in household item category
  • 2015
  • Selected as business supported for technology commercialization by Small & Medium Business Corporation (2015)
  • Filed application for Wasabia trademark: -household item and cosmetics no 40-2015-0003860
  • Filed application for Wasabia trademark: confectionery, dumpling, sauce, snacks -no 40-2015-0003861
  • Filed application for Wasabia trademark : restaurant, franchise business -no 40-2015-0002539
  • Wasabia mark design registration: no 30-2015-0002635
  • Filed application for Japan design: JP2015-014846-GD150001 JP
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval: Wasabia SHAMAR Laundry Detergent
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval: Wasabia antibacterial airtight container
  • U.S. NDC granted: Wasabia SHAMAR Secret perfume
  • Joint business with Money Today
  • Wasabia self-regulatory safety test reports were issued for 10 types of air freshener, deodorant and fabric conditioner
  • Selected as overseas private network by Small and Medium Business Administration (2015)
  • Participated in Goyang 100 global product exhibition (2015)
  • Selected as a promising small and medium business in Gyeonggi-do (2015)
  • Launched Wasabia antibacterial allyl beauty soap in USA online shopping mall
  • Registered Peniel World plant
  • Participated in Goyang 100 global product exhibition (2015)
  • Selected as export frontier (2015)
  • Selected as a promising small and medium business in Gyeonggi-do (2015)
  • Selected as a promising small and medium export company in Gyeonggi-do (2015)
  • Held a Peniel World business presentation
  • Aired on Arirang TV Company Close Up
  • Designated as company meeting the safety standards for product of risk concerns in 2015 Eco-Expo Korea Won grand prize for natural household item in 2015 Korea Excellence Award
  • Selected as 2015 Korea’s innovative leading company – Newsmaker
  • Selected as a success case of company with FDA international certificates (2015)
  • Sponsored CBS “Renew a right spirit within me”
  • Sponsored Far East Broadcasting “Garden of love”
  • Sponsored World Human Bridge
  • 2014
  • Wasabi extract – patent for allyl isothiocynate
  • R&D division certification no 2014150083
  • Renewed contract with Ilsan Myeongji Hospital
  • Obtained ISO 9001 certification for quality management system and ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval – Wasabia Oriental Medicine Natural Shampoo
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval - Wasabia Dishwashing Detergent”
  • Venture company – no 2014101400
  • Registered Wasabia trademark - no 40 - 1034741
  • Registered Wasabi trademark – no 40 - 1034742
  • Filed patent application: application no
  • 10-2014-0135041
  • Participated in Goyang 100 global product exhibition (2014)
  • Participated in Women enterprise high quality product sales event
  • Participated in 2014 Korea Export promotion fair
  • 2013
  • Korea Polymer Testing & Research Institute test report
  • Cosmetics manufacturing and sales business – no. 2254
  • MAIN-BIZ – no. 130601-0091
  • Women enterprise certification no. 011802013-0492
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval - Wasabia Oriental Medicine Natural Treatment
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval - Wasabia Antibacterial Gel
  • Gangneung-Wonju National University – agreed on business alliance for technology commercialization
  • 2012
  • Signed a contract with Hanil Greentec
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval - Wasabia Allyl Beauty Soap
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval - Wasabia Body Lotion
  • 2011
  • Signed a contract with Ilsan Myeongji Hospital
  • Obtained ISO 9001 certification for quality management system and ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system
  • Signed a contract with Yangpyeong-gun Office
  • Signed a contract with St. Vincent House of Prayer
  • 2010
  • Signed a contract with Ilsan Myeongji Hospital
  • Registered “Wasabia” allyl trade mark – no. 40-0642201
  • 2009
  • Obtained a contract with Gangwon-do Office
  • Obtained U.S FDA approval- Wasabia
  • 2008
  • Wasabia KTR test report (safety certification)
  • Signed a contract with Community Chest of Korea (fruit of love)
  • 2007
  • Established Peniel World
  • Wasabi extract- patent for allyl isothiocynate – no. 10-0676892
  • Participated in Coex exhibision
  • Obtained a supply contract with tour&culture shop
  • 2005
  • Participated in 2005 International Premium & Household Goods Show
  • 2004
  • Concluded a joint business agreement with World Training
  • Signed a joint business agreement with Escon system
  • Filed application for Wasabia allyl trademark
  • Obtained K Mark (KTL-CB-04028): Korea Testing Laboratory
  • 2003
  • Selected as a technological innovative R&D business by Small and Medium Business Administration
  • Participated in Seoul International Household Goods Fair
  • 2002
  • Filed patent application for toothpaste containing wasabi’s natural antibacterial ingredient
  • Established Biometa
  • Signed a contract for industry-university collaboration with Gangneung Wonju National University
  • Filed patent application for extracting antibacterial components from wasabi
  • 2001
  • Registered manufacturer bar code to Korea Distribution Information Center
  • Signed up for KRW 150 million worth commercial general liability insurance of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
  • Request Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry for testing antibacterial activity of Wasaks
  • Obtained a contract for industry-university collaboration with Gangneung Wonju National University
  • Obtained antibacterial certification and safety mark from Korea Testing and Research Institute
  • Filed patent application for antibacterial soap containing wasabi extract and manufacturing method
  • Submitted products to 2001 Seoul Venture Expo
  • 2000
  • Manufactured and export Wasaks series to Japan
  • Developed Wasaks Steg-R, antibacterial deodorant system
  • Changed company name to KAPC
  • Filed Wasaks trademark application
  • 1999
  • Registered Japan invention patent no. 2719079
  • 1998
  • Signed exclusive distribution agreement for [Kito water purifier] with APIO
  • Signed exclusive distribution agreement for [Wasaks] with Japan Wasaks
  • 1997
  • Established Morioki Korea
  • Signed exclusive distribution agreement for [watermac] with Morioki
  • CEO

  • 1 R&D Division

    - Research on major product materials

    - Eco-friendly natural preservative

    - Healthy food

    - Functional cosmetics

  • 2
    Dept. of Cosmetics & quasi-drug business Product development

    - New materials and convergence technology

    - Toothpaste

    - Laundry detergent

    Manufacturing plant

    - 100% natural product

    - Multi-functional product

    Design development

    - Container/ packing

    - Eco design

  • 3
    Dept. of Food Business Product development

    - Eco-friendly diet

    - Natural HMR

    - Wasabi rib

    Processing plant

    - Processed food

    - Fermented product

    Quality control

    - HACCP 12 steps and 7 principles

    - Children food quality
      certification mark

  • 4
    Management Support Team Strategic Planning Team

    - Business planning/management

    - Marketing/ promotion

    Accounting team

    - General affairs/ accounting

    - Financial management

Peniel World

Combined image of sky, sun and wasabi embodies the company image of Peniel World and involves its pursuit of eco-friendly product.
Round-shape symbol line represents Christian corporate philosophy of ‘everything is in god.’

향기로운 세상을 만드는 기업

A logo featuring image of wasabi represents the brand identity of Peniel World’s main line with serif symbol and typo and emphasizes simplicity, moderation and sophistication.

Horizontal type

Horizontal type

Vertical type

Vertical type

Antibacterial and fragrant

Antibacterial and fragrant Wasabia


Shamar - shamar


Shamar - wasami


- Address: 99, Yongjeong-gil, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do (324-1, Tong-dong)

- Tel: +82-33-553-6878

- Fax: +82-31-903-6879